Changeset [ca05a1d9884bd2bd1bfa1c004d93335b448b803d] by Lim Chee Aun

November 13th, 2010 @ 04:18 PM

updated for MooTools More 1.3's Locale. Plus some tiny changes.

Committed by Lim Chee Aun

  • A Source/Locale/Locale.en-US.MooEditable.example.js
  • A Source/Locale/
  • A Source/Locale/
  • R Source/Localization/MooEditable.English.US.example.js
  • R Source/Localization/MooEditable.French.FR.js
  • R Source/Localization/
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.Charmap.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.Extras.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.Flash.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.Forecolor.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.Group.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.Image.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.Pagebreak.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.Smiley.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.Table.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.UI.ButtonOverlay.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.UI.MenuList.js
  • M Source/MooEditable/MooEditable.js
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